I Don't know quite where to begin. I've always had a fascination for photography. I got my first camera when I was about 14. it was a Kodak 110. between sucking at photography, and not having a job to finance the art I ended up wasting money getting blurry exposures and getting them developed. I don't know if the lack of abundance of photos of myself from childhood was due to me always taking the photos, or a product of being a this kid in a broken marriage that didn't want to be documented anymore. I was huge into drawing. I was damn good. until my father sold all met drawing stuff and my drawings at a garage sale and it was like met photos with him, non existent. I always felt the desire to create. I lacked talent in singing or instruments, drawing was never thought of again but I kept searching for my way to express myself. fast forward to 2009. film was no longer crippling me. I got my first Nikon, a D200 and instantly fell back in love. I seemed to always see creative and interesting views but couldn't share because I couldn't force my protective until now. I have a dark, morbid at times perspective and find beauty in all I see. I'd love to show you my world and shoot with you, I'll show you a side you may have overlooked? I'm currently  taking any shooting, from boudoir to urban decay. Your fur baby or just some flattering pics of you or your 65 continental. im accepting paid assignments as well a trade for print on certain situations. most animal shoots I'll do free if in reason logistically. feel free to contact me and lets get to your dark side. 
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